Activewear into Urban Street Wear
Our collection are started with the minimalist style, monochromatic color-way, and embellished with a few exaggerated prints styles. So the garments not only to wear in exercising, but also can be wear with other daily clothes. Especially for our yoga collection, we want to provide a style of studio-to-street, which is not only taking the consciousness from practice on the mat and putting it into the practice of life, but also encourage using your imagination to make the most of the item.
Minimised Ecological iImpacts
We started in our homeland Taiwan, where is well-known in its functional textile industry for supplying functional fabrics for most of the major athletics brands in the world. Especially there are choices of up-cycling functional fabrics made with recycled coffee powder or polyester bottle flakes, etc. However, the ultimate fate of excessive produced fabrics is to be abandoned. Therefore, we started by working with textile factories to use up their wastage and leftover fabrics, and also supporting the stitching units locally in Taiwan. But we recognize that this is not enough, our vision in this brand is to continuous working on ways to reduce the harm, and doing more good for our planet.
Circular Economy
While we continuously searching for more environmentally friendly fabrics and materials, and possibilities of more sustainable way of manufacturing, and how to use our business to protect nature.
More importantly, we want to achieved a sustainable cycle system that clothes themselves can be recyclable. In the future, it should be possible for consumers to return a polyester-based activewear to us to then forward onto a processor to be re-made into fiber or other forms of plastic.